Molecular tests.

Molecular tests, called NAAT or MDx, are nucleic acid-based methods and reliably detect if viral RNA/DNA is present. If you are interested in a test system please visit

Using the RNA test kit at home

All in one

Our molecular test devices

The sample taken is placed inside the sample container. After placing it on the test station, a biochemical reaction takes place. The reliable result and appropriate recommendations for action are communicated immediately via the smartphone app.

Our molecular tests at a glance

SARS-CoV-2 Influenza virus Marburg virus
HIV Herpes virus Human Adenovirus-1
Malaria Sudan virus Yellow fever
M. Tuberkulosis Ebola virus And many more...

Affordable for all

Already in the development stage, we focus on high-volume manufacturing. This lowers production costs and enables us to test for a fraction of the cost of currently available test alternatives.

Safe and fast market access

Through the interaction of expertise and years of experience, our team knows the regulatory framework and market access scenarios.

Easy integration possible

We enable easy integration of telemedicine, providing physician support when needed. Connectivity to healthcare systems for rapid data transfer and real-time results is also possible.